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Great American Properties

Who we are

Not only who we are but what we believe

Richard G, Schaub, Jr., the founder and sole owner of Great American Properties, has been a real estate developer for over 35 years. He has created master-planned communities, marinas, commercial properties and golf courses, two of which were designed by Pete Dye and Joe Lee. These developments have garnered many prestigious awards (National Award from the American Institute of Architects, Builder Magazine’s Silver Award for Best Master Planned Community in the USA, The best 100 over 100 years, and more).

Who are we? That’s pretty simple…a group of talented people creating special spaces and environments. Doing things that have never been done before. The words imaginative, creative, thought provoking, precise execution and aesthetic excellence all apply.

Education: Georgetown University (Economics, English); University of West Florida (Finance, Accounting); New York University, Schack Institute of Real Estate


A taste of what we've done

Grand Harbor, the winner of Builder Magazine’s Silver Award for the best Master Planned community in the USA, has every amenity that one could desire…two 18-hole, championship golf courses designed by Pete Dye and Joe Lee; a Beach Club fronting the Atlantic Ocean; a 354-slip deep water marina on the Indian River.

Baytree, an oceanfront community, exists and evolves in balance with the beauty of Vero Beach’s unique coastal hammock.

The Shores, 84 acres with only 84 lots, is covered with the most majestic oaks and native vegetation one could imagine. This refuge on the Indian River, is a homeowner’s dream.

Our current Business Plan includes an aggressive pursuit of daily-fee golf courses located anywhere in the continental 48 states! These courses do not need to be in pristine condition. We are willing to expend the funds, time and energy to create value, both in terms of increasing revenues and player experience. (Member, National Golf Foundation)

Our Philosophy

How we think and what’s really important to us

Figuratively, the land always has something to say. We listen and simply do what the land and the market demands. That’s when the fun starts.

Our master planning is more of what an artist would call “earth sculpture.” And our architecture is what an artist would call “painting.” “I have been given a canvas, what can I paint that’s never been painted before”.

A profound respect for the land. Don’t touch anything that was not meant to be touched.

Honors & Awards

A partial list of what some pretty smart people think about what we’ve done.

  • Builders Choice Award/Grand Award, Baytree
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA) The Shores Guardhouse
  • Builders Magazine Silver Award for Best Planned Community in the USA, Grand Harbor
  • National AIA Award, Wood Duck Island
  • AIA Top 100 Buildings in Florida Over the Last 100 Years Award, Residence
  • Builders Choice Award, Baytree Villas
  • AIA, Grand Harbor Beach Club
  • AIA Excellence in Architecture, Needle Rush Point Condominiums


These professionals are good. Really, really good...

What we have accomplished at Great American Properties would never have come to life without the unique talents of our team of highly-respected professionals.

All of these people… our master planners, architects, engineers, arborists, environmental specialists…share the same commitment to the values that we have all established.

In each of their respective fields, they are the “best of the best”. They are an integral and irreplaceable part of the process. For all of these reasons, we have forged a very strong and long-lasting relationship with each one of them.

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Richard G Schaub, Jr.
Direct line: 772-217-6160
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